I have worked so hard to get my body to the pinnacle of athleticism and people have rejected it. They’ve said oh you know, ‘she’s so butch’, ‘she’s so ugly’ or ‘she looks like a man’. I look like a very strong, fit, beautiful woman, and  a lot of people are very intimidated by that.”                   -  Come Get Some: The Women of the WWF.






I’ve decided to face my fears and start drawing tattoos… and for my first tattoo I had to choose Roman Reigns’. Christ.

:D That just made my day!!!

*moans erotically*

In my mind: What if Roman just randomly walked into your room, and saw this in your screen?! Would he be scared… of a sort? Would he fuck me?! WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?!!?

Oh lawd!!! I’d probably turn beet red and hide somewhere…

Erase the long hair and then slowly try to explain that I’m actually drawing Khal Drogo x3

This cuts off way too soon!

Tyler Breeze explains his actions on the 200th episode of NXT. [x]

the days of mysterious/blood-sucking edge